In our many years of travel in Sri Lanka, we have had the opportunity to stay at countless hotels – big and small, grand and personal, new and heritage.  In fact, we spend a lot of time each year travelling in Sri Lanka, visiting new properties and revisiting our favourites, to find the best hotels in Sri Lanka to include in your itinerary and ensuring that the properties we recommend for you meet our high standards. Sri Lanka offers a range of accommodation for every traveller, and in our experience, it’s not just the luxury resorts and heritage hotels that stand out in terms of quality, value, service and experience. There are smaller properties, boutique hotels of Sri Lanka and family-run homestays that can be highlight stays. On this page, you’ll find reviews of some of the many places we have stayed at in Sri Lanka, details about what you can expect from these hotels and some of the things we love about each property. This is not a definitive list of hotels we love in Sri Lanka. It is an ongoing list, and not all of our favourite hotels in Sri Lanka have yet been featured here. We will continue to refine and add to this list!

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Water Gardens, Sigiriya

Water Gardens Sigiriya is a large, upmarket property with 30 stand-alone villas spread across 35-acres of land and having one of the best views of Sigiriya Rock Fortress (arguably Sri Lanka’s best-known attraction and biggest drawcard) and Pidurangala Rock. The....

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Ellerton Bungalow

A visit to Sri Lanka’s lush green tea country is included in most visitors’ to do list. The cooler climate tea country is abundant with options for places to stay, and one of those is Ellerton Bungalow.  Located....

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Sitting pretty and silent at the far end of Nuwara Eliya, almost hidden away from the buzz of the town, is Ferncliff Bungalow. Built in the 1800s on two-and-a-half acres, this heritage hotel was built as a family....

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Notary's House

Set in a picturesque rural landscape surrounded by lush green plants and vegetation, Notary’s House is a small boutique hotel that stands still and serene amid a coconut grove, with a large garden facing a natural lake. A....

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Wild Grass

A picturesque drive along Kandalama Lake leads you to Wild Grass Nature Resort, an upmarket-eco resort surrounded by nothing but nature. Ideally situated within 30 minutes of one of Sri Lanka’s top attractions - Sigiriya Rock Fortress – Wild Grass....