Arugam Bay

Dotted between a stretch of beach and a small strip of road on the eastern coast, Arugam Bay has been on the map of Sri Lanka for a while as a surfer’s paradise. Its laid-back ambience attracts many surfing enthusiasts annually during the season.

Arugam Bay is a small town in the east coast of Sri Lanka – home to a few hundreds of people, mainly fishermen. This is small place, laid-back and rustic; the very reason it attracted sunseekers and surfers in the early years. The story today is somewhat different. The season for surfing begins in May and continues up until end of September. The town fills up with surfers with an incredible buzz as surfing peaks from July to September with winds that create large swells. Surfers, both beginners and experts, return to this hotspot annually. Baby Point and Elephant Rock are looked upon as better places for beginners while Main Point and Whiskey Point are recommended for experienced riders.

Arugam Bay has its own quaint character like no other place in Sri Lanka. With numerous guest houses and small hotels it the place to totally unwind. An influx of travellers has resulted in street food and cuisine that are unique to Arugam Bay itself. Sides of the narrow stretch of road that runs through the town takes on a festive atmosphere every evening during the season. Street food, fresh seafood on BBQs, rotis (thin flatbread) with all kinds of savoury and sweet filling that include fresh seafood, chicken or cheese, are available for sale along this stretch. While mornings are quiet and dull in comparison, there is no shortage of Arugam Bay’s version of local and international cuisine. Arugam Bay stays quiet and uninterrupted during the off season with fishermen going about their daily lives only with the expectation for another active season to return.


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Amazing trip! We absolutely loved it. Sri Lanka is now a country we would definitely like to go back to and explore further.Thank you so much for all the work you did in putting the trip together for us. It was a great mix of places for us to get a good feel of the country. We will be encouraging all our friends to go to Sri Lanka.