A Geoffrey Bawa property

Boutique 87

Boutique 87 is one of the magical creations of Geoffrey Bawa, the world-renowned Sri Lankan architect. The property was bought by Lydia Petroni, an Italian sculptor in the 70’s. She and Geffrey together turned the property into what it is today with main house that expands seamlessly and effortlessly into the 17 acres of manicured garden with a private lake. The property exemplifies Bawa’s extraordinary style of Tropical Modernism combined with minimalism. The secluded lap pool is another great feature of that we love about this property.

 The two-story bungalow has two suites on the ground floor with wheelchair accessibility. The upper floor consists of a living room that opens up to the garden. The roof is low beamed showcasing the style of this 18th century style. The two suite rooms are airconditioned & opens up to the main garden and the private lake, both beautifully positioned and designed to provide the view of the estate and an abundance of fresh air. Bawa’s vision for this property was an extension to his Lunuganga estate and you can see with a number of resemblances in style and design.

Both bedrooms have king sized beds with all the required amenities.  We love the neutral shades that dominate the interior. The furniture is predominantly traditional, with some beautiful antiques being the centre of attraction. The secluded pool surrounded by a lush tropical garden is perfect for a morning or afternoon dip.

 Meals are served inside on the ground floor, on the veranda of the bungalow and outdoors. Cuisine is simple yet delicious.

The hotel is all about unwinding and relaxing. A stroll in the 17-acre private garden is a good way to start the morning followed by a freshly brewed cup of coffee. During your stay a visit to Bawa’s Lunuganga estate, which is just 4km away, and Bevis Bawa’s Garden, which is a 5.8 km drive, are a must. Bentota Beach is just 700 meters away. You can also drop by at Moragalla Beach which is just 3km from the property.