Sightseeing Tours

For a small island, Sri Lanka boasts an incredible and diverse array of sights for travellers to explore – ancient ruins, stunning landscapes, lush tea plantations, splendid wildlife, heritage cities and a thriving capital. Our classic Sri Lankan sightseeing travel plan covers the key highlights of the country, providing a taste of everything it has to offer. 

One of the reasons to love Sri Lanka is that it offers travellers a diverse range of sights and experiences that can be easily undertaken in a single journey. Here are a few not to missed Sri Lanka has had two millennia of continuous human habitation resulting in a number of well-preserved ruins of its rich civilisation. The best place to see the cultural highlights is in the area known as the ‘Cultural Triangle’. Located to the north-west of the capital Colombo, it is nestled between three cities and contains five of the country’s eight UNESCO World Heritage sites - Sigiriya, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Kandy and Dambulla. This region includes beautiful landscapes filled with lush vegetation, sprawling paddy fields and undisturbed local life.

The beautiful emerald green tea plantations of Sri Lanka are famous. Introduced by the British in the 1800s, tea is an important and highly regarded export and life around the plantations has its own characteristics and culture. A visit to the tea country gives you an opportunity to dwell in luxury in colonial tea planters bungalows, now converted into marvellous boutique hotels; these stays provide an insight into the lives of their former owners – and a chance to relax and be pampered in serene settings. The country’s national parks, with their distinctive arrays of fauna and flora are a popular part of sightseeing tours. In particular, they offer thrilling opportunities to witness – accompanied by expert rangers – the movements of the elusive leopard or the majestic Sri Lankan elephant in the wild.

While many sights and activities revolve around ancient ruins, tea plantation stays and wildlife safaris, many of the country’s towns and cities have much to offer. The capital, Colombo is a buzzing city with colonial architecture, high rises, residential suburbs, restaurants, cafes and bars, and shops that easily fulfil any shopaholic cravings. Alternatively, the iconic Galle Fort is the place to put on your sun hat, stroll through cobbled streets and enjoy high tea in colonial grandeur, whilst staying in boutique hotels that offer all modern comforts. Last, but not least, our sightseeing tours provide opportunities to meet and interact with locals. Sri Lankans are known for their friendliness and outstanding hospitality – greatly enriching one’s experiences of their county. Our sightseeing tours are private and designed for relaxation in between activities and travel. Stylish accommodation, with great personal attention, is handpicked to make these tours exceptional.


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Amazing trip! We absolutely loved it. Sri Lanka is now a country we would definitely like to go back to and explore further.Thank you so much for all the work you did in putting the trip together for us. It was a great mix of places for us to get a good feel of the country. We will be encouraging all our friends to go to Sri Lanka.