Food Tours

Sri Lankan food, with its distinct flavours and variety will not disappoint.  It has recently earned a well deserved reputation as one of the best upcoming cuisines in Asia. Certainly unique, Sri Lankan dishes bring out an array of tastes and textures to tingle taste buds. Featuring a remarkable mix of flavours, ingeniously prepared, they reflect the country’s multi-cultural diversity, colonial heritage and modern global culinary influences. Our food tours are enticing not only to foodies, but also to anyone curious to discover Sri Lanka’s very special cuisine. 

While good food is an integral part of every tour, it is worthwhile creating a journey that is centred on the experience of food and the discovery of the intricacies of a country’s unique cuisine. For many centuries traders visited Sri Lanka from all over the globe in search of spices, most of which are unique to the country. Diverse climatic conditions provide rich grounds for a multitude of vegetables, fruits and grains and, being a tropical island, seafood is bountiful. Many cultures and ethnic groups in Sri Lanka bring their own unique flavours to the table. For instance, colonial invaders, especially the Dutch, influenced the cuisine remarkably by reinventing local dishes to more sophisticated ones such as ‘lamprise’– a unique combination of rice with accompaniments wrapped and baked in banana leaves, hoppers –thin crisp pancake and kokis – a local savoury biscuit. Adding to this cultural diversity, each region including the south, the Kandyan region and the North have their own twists to the country’s food.

Our journeys are designed to provide a range of authentic experiences, from regional cooking to seafood shopping and preparing, to vegetable markets. They can include visits to local homes and private cooking classes, discovering local street food with insiders, testing seafood delicacies in hip coastal towns, and curated dining experiences in fine dining settings where Sri Lankan cuisine takes on modern twists. In addition, our tours are tailor made to suit different palates and dietary requirements; even gluten free is possible in Sri Lanka as most traditional cuisine is wheat free. The spices give a subtle kick and not an outburst of fire other than in flavour. Traditional Sri Lankan dishes are almost always based on coconut cream or fresh coconut, making them appealing to even the most sensitive palates. Our food-focussed tours include cultural experiences and wildlife encounters together with stays at stylish boutique accommodations that are known for their own creations of gourmet meals and local specialty.


Here are sample itineraries for food tours in Sri Lanka. Click below to read more about Sri Lanka food tours or get in touch to receive a detailed itinerary for a tailor-made holiday in Sri Lanka.


Amazing trip! We absolutely loved it. Sri Lanka is now a country we would definitely like to go back to and explore further.Thank you so much for all the work you did in putting the trip together for us. It was a great mix of places for us to get a good feel of the country. We will be encouraging all our friends to go to Sri Lanka.