Photography Tours

Natural beauty, exotic wildlife, intricate working in ancient ruins, smiling people, colourful cuisine and quaint places make Sri Lanka a picture perfect destination. We understand that each photographer has his/her own preferences. That’s why our Private Tours are completely customised to provide the best opportunities to suit his/her own style of photography.

Sri Lanka is waiting to be photographed. This beautiful island surrounded by the Indian ocean is every photographer’s dream. Its diversity is breath taking. Sprawling sandy beaches, deep blue seas, rustic charm of rural villages, smiling people, verdant hills of the highlands and tea country are just a handful of what you would encounter. While capturing ancient ruins must be big on the agenda of any photography tour in Sri Lanka, so are the abundant making Sri Lanka a unique destination for wildlife photography. These and a whole lot more are awaiting on our customised Photography Tours to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka, a tropical island just a little bigger than Tasmania is a photographer’s dream destination. Although small in size, the country has diverse geography from mountainous terrains to beaches to rainforests to dry bushlands. While its topography creates picturesque landscapes, breath taking sunsets, it is also the reason to a vivid and diverse flora and fauna.

Sunny day at beach side with coconut tree view

Sri Lanka is the best place to photograph leopards in the wild. Wildlife photography is not restricted to a couple of species. There is the Big five of Sri Lanka including Elephants and Whales and exemplary range of birds to click on. Two millennia old ancient ruins, heritage sites, quirky colonial buildings, white washed Buddhist temples and colourful Hindu temples are waiting to be photographed. Sri Lanka is best known for its smiling people who are never camera shy. There is endless action in markets, streets both urban and rural where you can capture people in action. If you are a foodie and love food photography, Sri Lanka easily ticks that box too. Sri Lanka food while being delicious also has a lot of colour, texture and character that are well worth capturing before tasting.

Elephants are strolling on green grass under blue sky

There is an endless array of photography opportunities from quite to action all around. Our photography tours are all private and customised to suit your very own preferences. They are based on two weeks or more covering a range of territories and experiences. These can easily be customised to suit personal preferences. There is a great choice of accommodation for these private tours including quaint boutique hotels to wildlife lodges to upmarket boutique accommodation to suit your choice.


Here’s a sample itinerary for photography tours in Sri Lanka. Click below to read more or get in touch to receive a detailed itinerary for a tailor-made holiday in Sri Lanka.


Amazing trip! We absolutely loved it. Sri Lanka is now a country we would definitely like to go back to and explore further.Thank you so much for all the work you did in putting the trip together for us. It was a great mix of places for us to get a good feel of the country. We will be encouraging all our friends to go to Sri Lanka.