Back Roads Tours

There is a great deal to be discovered off-the-beaten paths of Sri Lanka. Our tours are designed to explore many lesser-known places where local life and culture unfolds - from the remote north to the quiet east, to little visited inland national parks. Back road tours afford one of the best ways to discover this beautiful tropical island. 

There is so much more to Sri Lanka than its best-known and most popular travel destinations. Exploring the lesser-known parts of the country provide opportunities to see astonishing and diverse landscapes including lush vegetation, dry forests, dry savannahs and stunning and secluded coastlines dotted with palm trees. A highlight is the chance to meet locals who are genuinely happy to see travellers, and to experience home cooked hearty local cuisine. Areas of interest include the north, with its own well-preserved culture, traditions and cuisine, which is beginning to lift its head after a prolonged civil war that kept it isolated. The underrated northeast and east coasts are synonymous with white sandy beaches that are home to small friendly fishing communities. Quiet and pristine, they are inviting to those who seek to avoid crowded tourist spots.

Coastal towns and remote villages off the north west coast of Colombo are perfect for those who look for simplicity, with their white beaches, marine life, warm waters surrounded by rural communities and wildlife. The lesser-known national parks here including Gal Oya and Kumana provide rare, almost private, opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts. These out of the way destinations are best reached by train or by road, while cycling in some areas is relaxing and enjoyable. Exploring lesser-known places can be easily included in a tour covering the more well known highlights; this is a combination that provides opportunities to experience rare sites and encounters, making for unique and authentic travel experiences. Accommodation in these areas ranges from upmarket boutique properties to midrange lodges and heritage properties making these tours even more appealing.


Here are sample itineraries for travelling the back roads of Sri Lanka. Click below to read more about off-beat places to explore in Sri Lanka or get in touch to receive a detailed itinerary for a tailor-made holiday in Sri Lanka.


"Thank you so much Chamin, Savanthi, Hashanthi for your wonderful advice and assistance to provide a wonderful itinerary and unforgettable holiday for us. Highly recommend to others." Craig & Helen - February 2020